Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fun art


I like art that is fun, quirky with a dash of social commentary about life. The Illustration blog by Gemma Correll was the first blog that made me go ‘YES’ this is the style of art I love and want to create. Gemma’s “Sky Cats Gallery” is a favourite along with “Monday Punday”. She combines witty one liners with cute simple illustrations.

There is something about the art work of Marc Johns that makes me chuckle as well. Like Gemma Correll, he mixes amusing one liners with an a naive art style. I think what I admire most about Gemma and Marc’s art work is their ability and skill in being able to illustrate an idea/concept in its simplest/paired back form.

If like me, Gemma Correll and Marc Johns are up your alley, then you might also like to check out the following artists- Glennz Tees , Lim Heng Swee , Liz Climo , David Olenick