Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fashion Fun and the art of Procrastination


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to procrastination I have it down to a fine art. Instead of working on the picture books I have been designing fashion. It is so much fun to do and a whole lot easier. I spent hours and hours creating paper fashion dolls as a kid. My favourite TV show for years has been Project Runway especially episodes on unconventional material and who doesn’t love Tim Gunn and his make it work comments.

I tend to always procrastinate when the task ahead seems daunting. So far I have written three picture book stories, thought out all the spreads and what I  want to illustrate on each page of the picture book so now it is time to actually do the illustrations. I’m daunted by how many I have to do and also creating illustrations with backgrounds and great composition.  I fear you may be seeing a whole lot more fashion illustrations in the weeks and months ahead on this blog. Even the half completed illustrations I have previously lost enthusiasm for, seem a whole lot more inviting than the challenge of illustrating nearly 32 pages (times by 3).