Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why cats rule the world

I love animal comic strips and cartoons.  To me, there is nothing more amusing than a comic or cartoon that captures the mannerisms and behaviours of pet dogs, cats or other creature. When it comes to the ongoing debate around whether animals have emotions, in the world of comics and cartoons this doesn’t seem to matter. Anthropomorphism is not a dirty word. In fact, I think under the disguise of an animal character (especially if they are cute)  you can get away with a whole lot more when it comes to commenting about the irony of life and human nature.

Here are some of my favourite websites and their creators:

The Oatmeal – check out particularly the two comic strips titled “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” and “My dog the paradox”

Liz Climo  – Liz is a character artist/storyboard revisionist on The Simpsons but she  also has a great personal website full of funny animal comics

Gemma Correll  – I enjoy Gemma’s Skycats series and also her pug cartoons

Ruth Chan –  I love love love Ruth Chan’s “Portraits of the Unsure”


Below is my addition to all the cat comic strips out there in the online universe. Hope you enjoy. Until next time….