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The Indie Author-Illustrator Journey begins

Well, it’s been a long dry spell on the BB Illustrations blog but I’m back with some exciting news. I’m now a fledgling indie author-illustrator of three self published picture books.

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane where it all began…

This is me in the photo, a little mini Belinda, reading one of my first picture books to a grade one student.
I loved that class activity- writing, drawing the illustrations, having the teacher bind my book and then being able to read the book out loud to other students.


It was in primary school, the little author-illustrator seed was sown but it was to stay dormant for many years..okay decades. Yes, at school I was very interested in art and I went onto to do TEE Art in year 11 and 12 however the writing thing well… that didn’t come so easy. I was a poor speller. The words, even though they sounded great in my head, never came out on the page how I liked them. Last but not least I was a chronic self editor, writing and erasing as I went (and a lot more erasing then writing!)

After graduating in year 12, I virtually stopped drawing and writing altogether other than writing for uni social work assignments. It wasn’t until I moved into my current house where there were blank walls that could do with some decoration ie paintings, that I began to think about drawing and painting again. I started with acrylic then went into exploring oil paintings and because I was such a messy painter, I found digital art (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).

The return to writing however was more like a snail return. It was a start, stop, start, stop kind of pattern. I tried writing several adult fiction novels but gave up after a few chapters because I was bored with my own plot lines (which is not a good sign). I then moved onto writing a chapter book for a younger audience which felt much more interesting but still too long.

I went though a whole lot of writing poetry in 2010 which I really enjoyed because I liked the conciseness of the structure and needing to tell a story in only a few lines.

Then one morning, I had this ‘heavens open ah-ha’ moment (to the point where I felt quite teary). I was thinking about all the artists I admired and two names popped into my head- Shaun Tan and May Gibbs, two children’s picture book

I finally realised, after all those years of not knowing, what I wanted to be when I grew up.

So…this brings us up to date. This is my author-illustrator profile picture I recently posted on all good publishing platforms.
Right under the profile pic are Amazon previews of my three picture books- ‘Kitty Cat and the New Pet’, ‘My Friend Digger’ and ‘In Millie’s World’. I would love, love, love for you to take a peek and tell me what you think.

All three picture books are available on Amazon
‘My Friend Digger’ and ‘In Millie’s World’ are available at
Barnes and Noble