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Are you looking for a House Sitter?

Hi, I’m Belinda and I would love to house sit for you, provide you with peace of mind whilst you are away that your home is secure and being cared for but most of be a great companion and carer for your beloved pets.

I grew up on a farm with crops, sheep and Murray Grey cattle. I was always around sheepdogs, chickens and even helped raise a pet bull who became a prized show bull.





During several summer holidays as a teenager with my older sister, I house sit the neighbour’s farm, taking care of the chickens, maintaining the gardens and checking on water pumps and trough levels.

Moving to the city to go to University, there were not many years where I didn’t care for a pet from budgies, gouldian finches, quails, a weerio, fish and three rescued Samoyed dogs. Sammy, Sasha and Sparky the Samoyeds were walked daily, had fortnightly dog washes and all lived over ten years with Sasha only passing away last year at the ripe age of 16 years. I have house sit my sister’s dog (mixed breed), friend’s dogs including a Collie and Shih Tzu.
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I have been a keen gardener and grown my own vegetables, tropical plants and definitely not scared of getting my hands dirty and maintaining your garden.








I have owned properties including being an owner-builder, renovating a 3 x 1 home into a double storey 6 x 2 home. Between me and my ex-partner we completely renovated the whole house only getting contractors in for major work like the timber internal frame work and steel roof.

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If you are looking for a trustworthy, honest and hard working house sitter from September 2016  than I am the person for you. I don’t smoke, I’m quiet and will be at home the majority of the time working on my writing and illustration business to keep your pets company. I am fit and active and would be up to walking a dog once or more twice a day.  I have police clearances and pride myself as being a good problem solver with a background in social work for over 18 years. My plan is to slowly house sit around the world and thus I would be happy to house sit for you, 1 to 2 months at time.

Please email me at if you are interested in my house sitting services. I look forward to hearing from you.