Another design submission to Threadless


I looked at the new design challenge and it was too hard to resist. The challenge is a T-shirt design based around dogs. There has only been a short period in my life (at Uni) where I haven’t owned a dog. THEY ARE THE BEST!!! (I’m sure cats are a very close second)

Here is a little poem I wrote a while back about my beautiful dog Sasha the Samoyed.

My Friend Sasha

There is a lot to learn from my friend Sasha
She says yes to any opportunities that come her way
She will exercise no matter what the weather outside
She will try new foods and experiences at least once

Sasha enjoys the simple pleasures in life
Soaking up the sunshine, running on the beach and day trips in the car
She takes time to smell the roses
She is happy being in the company of others even in silence

Sasha doesn’t care about status, money and appearances
She doesn’t worry if she puts on weight
She is non-judgemental with no hang ups
She forgives and forgets within minutes of crossed words

Sasha is everyone’s friend in a crowd
She cheers me up when I’m sad
Never complains even when she is sick
My friend Sasha is great to have around

As long as she has enough fresh water
Is fed regularly and on time
Has a daily walk, with scratches and treats on the side
That is all Sasha asks from me in return


I’ve resubmitted the Dog design again to Threadless. The first one was declined due to there being two designs within the one submission.

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