Big life questions

Happy-(2)The two big life questions that I mull most over is ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and ‘How do you have a happy life?’.

‘What is the meaning of life?’ well I don’t think anyone knows and probably will never know the answer. I think the best I can do is change the question and ask ‘What is the meaning of my life?’ ┬áCheck out ‘Poetry of Life’ page if you want to know the answer.

I remember as a child around the age of ten waking up in the middle of night frightened with the realization that ┬ápeople die, which means one day my parents will die and I will die too. Now as an adult working as a social worker in a hospital where death is common place and people are diagnosed everyday with terminal illnesses, I’m no longer scared of death. I’m more scared of running out of time, wasting life and all its opportunities and looking back with regrets. So my personal answer to “How do you have a happy life?” well has a lot to do with not having regrets, living in line with my core values, never losing that childlike curiosity and fun for life.

I will leave you with an interesting thought that I have read about Happiness and where it comes from

50% of our happiness is due to our genetics
10% of our happiness is due to environment
and 40% of our Happiness is under our control (ie choice)

40% is too low for me, I am aiming for 100% being responsible for my happiness. How about you?

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