Come Dine with Me

If you could invite anyone for dinner who would you invite? I have a short list

1) David Attenborough- Oozes enthusiasm and has such wonderful stories about wildlife and nature.
2) Bear Grylls-  Adventurous, passionate about everything and possibly may bring his own food for dinner.
3) Dawn French- What a woman- cheeky, confident in her skin and quick witted.
4) Dr Karl Kruszelnicki- Makes even the most dull science topic interesting, and would brighten up any dinner party with his loud shirt.
5) Tim Gunn- I love Project Runway especially Tim (‘Make it work!)
6) Dolly Parton- ¬†Driven, energetic and has such a ‘potty mouth’

I think that would be my top six people. There is plenty more charming, good looking people like George Clooney, Simon Baker and John Travolta I would love to invite but that would be greedy (possibly too distracting to focus on the dinner conversation)



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