Draw my Dog- Sparky


Sparky came into my life in 2006 from the local pound. Age, background and name unknown. It took some time to come up with the name of ‘Sparky’ but he definitely grew into it, livening the household with his antics and naughtiness.

Everything about Sparky was big- large clumsy feet, boofy head, enormous personality. Despite his size he often squeezed himself into the tiniest of spaces. Sparky also liked barking at everything- when he was happy, startled, waiting to be fed, waiting to be walked but probably most annoying of all when he was being washed. Sparky would bark all the way through until it came to his ears being cleaned and then he would groan and lean in with delight.

Even though I didn’t have Sparky long (died in 2010), he had a huge impact. Above is a little tribute to his life.  I had the idea of completing this illustration after viewing on YouTube “Draw My Life- Jazza (Josiah Brooks)” and the very amusing “My dog: the paradox” The Oatmeal .

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