I looked all through the calendar but I couldn’t find someday


So far the year 2010 has been the worst and the best year of my life. It was the end of a long term relationship I had been in since the age of 19. It was also the year when two of my dogs died within a month of each other. So why was it the best year? In all the upheaval and loss, I woke up out of a zombie slumber and realised that I had just been existing and not living life. It was the first steps towards a new way of thinking, a clarity about life and that I had been keeping myself small.

How many of us wish it is the weekend on a Monday morning? Why is there a Wednesday ‘hump’ day? There must be something more in life than working hard at a 9 to 5 job to pay for a lifestyle only enjoyed two days of the week?  Why are we putting off living our dreams until retirement? Yes we may have plenty of time and a safety net of money (we hope) but will we still have good health and the energy to put our dreams into reality?

Initially in 2010 after the breakup, my thinking about the future was small and safe. I thought about moving closer to my family, getting a social work job in this area, maybe even moving in with my sister. It’s so easy to head in the direction of security and what you know than sitting with the uncomfortable fear of the unknown and not having the ‘hows’ worked out.

Now I’m thinking big, really big about the direction I want to take my life and there is lots of fear but a whole lot of excitement too.  The possibilities are endless. A big travel adventure is definitely on the cards and if I can wing it, a lifestyle of being location independent. I have been listening to travel podcasts and they are INSPIRING.

Check out on iTunes “Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway – Inspiring interviews with families who have dreamed big and experienced epic adventures! or listen online. This podcast is about the Hemingway Family who with their 5 children, sold everything and traveled in a sailboat around 25 countries. The Hemingway Family interview other families that have taken similar world adventures involving bikes, driving in camper vans, sail boats.

I love hearing about travel adventures out of the ordinary. Love Affair Travel podcast is a great podcast to check out. There is an episode on Graham Hughes who is a world record holder in having traveled to every country in the world without flying. Another episode is on Colin Wright who lets his blog readers decide where he will travel and live next  The funniest episode is “Crossing the South American Continent in Teletubby Suits on a Tuk Tuk”

If your interested in travel bicycle touring, an fascinating podcast on iTunes is “Traveling Two: Bicycle Touring Around the World.” In particular, I love episode 34 of this podcast as it is about Heinz Stocke who has been bicycling since 1962 and has covered over 600 000 km. He is over 70 years of age. Like they say, your never too old….

The last inspiring traveler who I think is amazing is Michael Wigge. So far he has completed two travel projects. The first project he traveled 25000 miles from Europe to Antarctica without any money. The second project was even more unbelievable in that he bartered in 42 steps an apple for a house in Hawaii which he now lives in. Check out an interview of Michael Wigge on the podcast Zero to Travel

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