Let’s end the myth of the starving artist and put the art back into business



{Illustration inspired by Chandler Bolt in his interview with Joanna Penn on The Creative Penn podcast- episode 228}  

I used to dislike going to the local Bunnings warehouse which is full to the brim of DIY home improvement tools and services.

My perspective changed once I started on the home renovations. I became quite excited about going to the store, seeing it as a step forward in completion. Now that the house is nearly finished, I rarely visit Bunnings. But when I do, I find myself looking around and saying ‘Wow’. Everything I can see in this huge warehouse, all the tools and their different purposes, have originated from creative ideas. If you stop to think about it, it’s really amazing the potential of the human brain and how creative we all are.

You see. I believe everyone is creative and an artist in there own way. Consider these real life examples:

  • cooking a meal and deviating from the recipe to add your own special ingredients.
  • how you apply make-up.
  • how you decorate your home and what plants you choose if you have a garden.
  • your choice of clothing attire and hairstyle to express your personality and individuality.
  • if you tattoo or pierce your skin
  • your handwriting style and if you scribble/doodle on paper when bored
  • Playing in a sports team and coming up with strategies and tactics to outwit and outplay the other teams

An artist is not just a person who creates through paint, words, dance or music. They are your scientists who experiment, your doctors challenged by unusual medical symptoms, your teachers creating lesson plans that inspire or your computer programmers producing coding for a website.

Thinking about all this creativity in everyday life and work,  makes me ponder why there has been such a hardened mindset around art versus business instead of them being inclusive of each other. When it comes to seeing the creativity and art in business itself, why is there such a blind spot? Yes, it’s exciting to create beautiful pieces of art but isn’t it also equally exciting to come up with creative ways to build a business that promotes the uniqueness of your art, its value and the story you wish to share to the world?

What are your thoughts about creativity and business? Do you think it is possible to maintain the integrity of your art and build a successful business?  I would love to hear from you, whether you are in the beginning stages like myself or have a thriving creative business. What would really make my day is hearing from any creatives who are building location independent businesses.

So why not subscribe to BB Illustrations. We can share some in depth thoughts about how we can put the creativity and art back into business and end the myth of the starving artist!

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