Love the page your on


I love to collect sayings about life.  There is something amazing about how a single sentence can sum up exactly what you have been going through for months sometimes longer. They can be a wake up call/a real slap in the face, a reminder about what is important.

“Love the page your on” and “Don’t forget to enjoy the journey” are two sayings that hit the spot. I’ve been living in a extended waiting period for some time due to finances and needing to finish off renovations before I can move onto a new path in life. I have had periods of anger, frustration and blame but in the last 6 months it has dawned on me that if I didn’t have this waiting period I maybe never would have had a number of epiphanies about myself,  life and career direction. I have started to enjoy (I wouldn’t say love) this period of waiting and see it as time of learning and opportunity.

There is a book I’m really keen to read called “The In-Between” by Jeff Goins. It is about slowing down and savoring the in-between times and not wishing to jump ahead to the next adventure. I wonder whether so many people are unhappy in the world because they are living too much either in the past self which can’t be changed or future self where they think they need to be in now?

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