Slow Travel Around the World: the Beginning of BB Adventures

So on the 30th March 2017, I started on my BB Adventures. I am now intentionally homeless having sold my home and most of my belongings (thanks Mum for storing the rest). Originally, I had come up with a ‘brilliant idea’ to shed my belongings down to a carry on backpack but embroidery scissors was the sticking point. Now I very grateful for those embroidery scissors because well I don’t know how I would have been able to fit all my craft supplies and warm clothes into one bag. In fact, I am still trying to work out how I can squeeze ugg boots in???

The big plan for BB Adventures was and still is to slow travel around the world. I have 12 months off from work at this stage but fingers crossed if I work hard and with a whole lot of luck, I can make this travel thing a permanent gig. I really, really want to establish a creative business that makes enough money to sustain my travels. Luckily I have some savings and for the next 12 months I will be receiving a fortnightly wage from work but at a half pay rate.

**This is me on the right and lovely Kat who I share an office with on my last day of work. Kat organised a lovely send off with streamers and giant pom poms**

After dreaming about BB Adventures for such a long time (nearly 7 years in total) it was pretty scary when a settlement date kicked it into action. I always thought I was a non-planner, a ‘fly by you seat’ kind of person. However, the prospect of no home, having given leave from work and the reality that if I didn’t start to organize something my BB Adventures would be staying with Mum (love ya Mum!) for the next 12 months, brought out the hidden planner in me.

So what plan did I come up with to start BB Adventures? Not one to rush into the ocean, more a dip your toe kinda of gal (aka: scaredy cat) I decided to stay with Mum for a couple of weeks to sort out any last minute settlement/bank hiccups and then find a local house sitting position.