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Some days…


I completed these two illustrations a while back but now looking at them I think there is a third illustration missing. I just don’t know how I would capture it in a image.

There are days of pure happiness, the sun is shining, you feel like dancing and smiling at strangers for no reason at all. There are other days when life seems very hard and over flowing with insurmountable problems.  But then there is another type of day which I have to admit I feel a lot. It is a day where I feel neither happy nor sad actually no emotion at all.  I feel neutral, a nothing day.  I’ve come away from a night out and inside there has been no emotion not even disappointment. Sometimes I think I would prefer a sad day. At least a sad day is memorable and there are often lessons that can be gained. A whole lot of nothing days what does that equal?

Nothing days can creep up on you and grow into years. I think there is a darker, more dangerous side that can happen if these days build up. I know they say people turn to drugs like alcohol to numb pain/self medicate  but maybe people also turn to these substances to feel something, any emotion instead of nothing.

So how do you reduce these nothing days? Personally, I have found shaking up my routine, getting out of my comfort zone, making personal challenges and basically remembering to plant a smile on my face (even if it is fake one at first) really helps.