The Laws of life

The-Diet--a-MemoirWhen you think about it, life is pretty amusing. It is full of ironies and little laws that you only learn about after serial repetition. I have a whole swag of them to share. Please feel free to comment and add your own.

1) The law of the diet- As soon as you decide to start a diet it is everyone’s birthday, there is free lunch at work and you are invited to an all you can eat buffet.

2)  The law of lost property- As soon as you buy an item you have lost and been searching for weeks on end, it miraculously shows up

3) The law of spring cleaning – Like the law of lost property, this law relates to the irony of throwing an item out that you haven’t used in twelve months and then discovering just the very next day a situation where you really need to use it.

4) The law of the safe spot- Hiding something in a safe spot so safe you can never find it again

5) The law of attraction- When it comes to wearing anything white, life thinks you need a bit of colour.

6) The law of socks- Two go into the clothes washer, one only comes out.

7) The law of bulk garbage- The day after your street pickup, the weather forecast is for gale force winds

8) The law of switching supermarket lines- Your old line suddenly quickens up and you are now in the slowest line

9) The law of busting to go to the toilet- Yes! I’ve made it home just in time. Nooooo….I’ve left my keys at work!!!!

10)  The law of more choice in life- The more choices you have to pick from, the less satisfied you tend to be with what you end up with.

11) The law of chocolate, icecream, cake, hot chips (I could go on)-  The irony of something that tastes SO good being SO bad for you. EVIL!!!!

12) The law of knowing when to stop- After trying to clean a small dirt spot on your clothing it now looks like you have wet yourself

13) The law of coming into a surprise sum of money- Another surprise happens in the form of a bill in the mail that ironically comes to the same value

14) Lucky last is the Universal law of life- Just when you finally get it and realise what life is suppose to be all about, you die.

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